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Tech Tools: calculation tools for air pollution control measurements and conversions.
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Air Pollution Control Systems from McGill AirClean

Mobile Stack Testing Services McGill AirClean has more than 40 years of experience solving air pollution control problems for boilers, furnaces, incinerators, and a variety of industrial processes.

During that time, we have helped customers comply with air emission regulation in industries such as glass, wood products, pulp and paper, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metals, petrochemical, electrical power and steam generation, hazardous solid waste incineration, and many more.

With our extensive line of air pollution control equipment, we solve problems involving different types and combinations of particulate, acid gas, and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. By working with you, we engineer and manufacture an integrated system that will meet the specific requirements of your application.

Our skilled civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, materials, and industrial engineers provide complete engineering resources. Using a network of trade-specific quality subcontractors throughout North America, we safely complete your project on time and within budget. We offer a variety of professional services to fully support the operation of your systems and help reduce your overall maintenance cost.

Our goal is to provide a dependable, long-term solution to your air pollution control problem at the lowest overall cost to you.

Do you need on-site testing?

McGill AirClean has the unique capability of offering a truly mobile spray-dry scrubber/electrostatic precipitator combination or a mobile regenerative thermal oxidizer that can be applied to your process. Mobile testing determines the collectibility of pollutants and provides sizing and performance information for the full-scale system. McGill AirClean mobile equipment can also be used to evaluate existing pollution control equipment.

Mobile ESP (Wet or Dry) Testing Equipment | McGill AirCleanMobile ESP (Wet or Dry): Using our mobile ESP testing equipment for several weeks will give you confidence in our ability to solve your emission problems. We test meaningful amounts—approximately 8,000 actual cubic feet per minute (acfm). Testing can include separate chemical and resistivity analyses, as well as computer-aided statistical analysis, to predict how the full-scale precipitator will perform at conditions different from those occuring at the time of testing.

ThermaGrid™ Mobile RTO | McGill AirCleanThermaGrid™ Mobile RTO: Our mobile unit is a self-contained RTO system capable of handling a representative amount of your process gas flow (up to 2,000 scfm). It enables us to collect the data necessary to optimize a full-scale RTO system for your application and to demonstrate that it will comply with your emission regulations.

Mobile Scrubber Testing | McGill AirCleanMobile Scrubber Testing: We can test emissions on site and engineer an acid gas control system for your application. By using our mobile spray-dry scrubber in conjunction with our mobile ESP, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of a full-scale air pollution control system.

To find out more about setting up an on site mobile testing progam, contact us today.