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Tech Tools: calculation tools for air pollution control measurements and conversions.
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New DeNOx SCR Reactor brochure now available

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New Brochure Details McGill AirClean's
DeNOx SCR Reactors

McGill AirClean's new DeNOx SCR Reactor brochure details the fully integrated system approach and design process that is used in providing customers with the best deNOx control solution for their application. The brochure lists and describes the reactor features and the critical analysis of the criteria used in determining the final design. Informative, full-color photographs and diagrams illustrate completed systems, major system components, and the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling used in the design process.

DeNOx SCR Illustration | McGill AirClean

This illustration depicts the basic design, flow pattern, and equipment used in a typcial McGill deNOx reactor. Click here to enlarge photo.

DeNOx CFD Illustration | McGill AirClean

DeNOx SCR reactor CFD flow modeling diagram. Click here to enlarge photo.

To review or request a copy of the brochure, visit mcgillairclean.com, or contact Jerry Childress at 1777 Refugee Road, Columbus, OH 43207, 614/829-1200, Fax: 614/445-8759, E-mail: click here.

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